Big Fat Indian Wedding Budget Downsizes To Rs 500. This Is How
Big Fat Indian Wedding Budget Downsizes To Rs 500. This Is How

The demonetisation move made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier in the month surely disrupted plans of more than a few as cash flow reduced to a bare minimum. India’s famously extravagant weddings were hit deeply when the old currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 were rendered unusable as legal tender.

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Some families tried pulling strings, some approached high officials and yet others carried wedding cards to banks in hopes of getting more cash. One Surat couple however, made a different choice.

Daksha and Bharat Parmar decided to abandon their plans for a grand expensive wedding and scaled down to a budget of a mere Rs 500. Their wedding took place exactly on the date planned, but the grand wedding adapted to a ‘Chai- Paani’ wedding as they served their guests tea and water.

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“Since our wedding date was already fixed; we decided to give up on grand marriage; instead had a ‘chai, paani wali’ wedding,” the groom was quoted as saying.

While the two families did face initial panic and due to the currency switch, they decided to focus on having the wedding on the scheduled date. Although government has sanctioned separate withdrawals for marriages, there have been some difficulties in withdrawal process.