SPQuami Ekta Dal (QED) on Tuesday forged an alliance with the ruling Samajwadi Party ahead of the Assembly elections due next year in Uttar Pradesh.

“At a meeting of the party held on Saturday at Ghazipur, it was decided like-minded parties should come on one platform to deal with communal forces. All the office bearers of the party have assigned me to decide on an alliance or merger with SP for the assembly polls,” President, QED Afzal Ansari told news agencies.

He said that before the MLC and Rajya Sabha polls, senior SP leader and cabinet minister Balram Yadav had met him asking him to extend support to the party and QED had then made up its mind to unite.

“Lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish had united to fight against communal forces in Bihar. Similar attempt is needed in UP also and all like minded parties should come together,” Ansari said.

QED has two MLAs–Mukhtar Ansari from Mau Sadar and Sigbatullaha Ansari from Mohammadabad Yusufpur seat. Both are Afzal’s brother.

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