Uproar After SP Member Names RSS Leader In Rajya Sabha
Rajya Sabha on Tuesday saw a brief uproar when an SP member sought to name an RSS functionary, saying he was named by the accused in the Malegaon case.

Rajya Sabha on Tuesday saw a brief uproar when an SP member sought to name an RSS functionary, saying he was named by the accused in the Malegaon case.

The trouble started when Javed Ali Khan spoke in the Zero Hour about his experience at a recent function on promotion of Urdu, Arabic and Persian languages.

Khan said he was surprised to see the RSS functionary, who has been named by accused persons in Malegaon blast and pointed at by CBI in Ajmer blast case, delivering sermons on
patriotism and the number of wives which a Muslim man should have.

As he named the RSS functionary, BJP members were on their feet vociferously protesting it.
Deputy Chairman P J Kurien said the name has been expunged.

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However, SP members, along with those from other opposition parties including the Left, insisted that the name of the RSS functionary should not be expunged.

Kurien said he would go through the records and decide. Raising the issue of ‘rise and fall of Amritsar airport’ at Amritsar, Shwait Malik (BJP) said it was a profitable
airport till 2010.

But later, there was a “conspiracy” and flight operations were “sabotaged” as flights were gradually diverted to benefit the Delhi airport, he alleged. T K Rangarajan (CPI-M) raised the issue of problems relating to availing of education loans.


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