Top Ten Quotes By PM Modi On GST Bill
Top Ten Quotes By PM Modi On GST Bill

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday spoke on the Good And Service Tax (GST) bill in the Lok Sabha, here is how he defined this newly passed billed in the lower house.

Our aim is “Economical and educational empowerment of the poor”. GST can help us achieve this aim.

The ‘kacha bill’ and ‘pakka bill’ system in our country has helped mobilise black money. GST will help put an end to this.

#GSTBill will act as catalyst to help strengthen trust between Centre and States.

#GST will send across a message that ‘Consumer is the King’.

With #GST we intend to bring in uniformity in taxes. The message is clear that the ‘consumer is the king’.

‘Lok Tantra’ is not just a game of mandate, it is also a journey of forming consensus.

#GST-ek moti hum maala mein piro rhe hain jo ‘Ek Bharat’ ko taakat deta hai.

GST means ‘Great Step towards transformation’, ‘Great Step towards transparency’ in India.

It’s true that someone gives ‘birth’ while someone else ‘nutures it’ (on GST Bill). It is not a victory of a particular pol party.

Most of the things that can impact consumer inflation have been kept out of the ambit of #GST.

Rashtraneeti’ is bigger than ‘Rajneeti’, says PM Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha