Paraphernalia Recovered From House Of ISIS Suspect
Paraphernalia Recovered From House Of ISIS Suspect

Combing of the Thakurganj home in Lucknow of a suspected terrorist after a 11 hour operation that ended Wednesday morning revealed a flag of ISIS, 8 pistols, 650 rounds of ammunition, 50 fired rounds, explosives, gold, cash, passports, SIM cards and a train time table.

According to sources, the suspect was planning a major attack in Uttar Pradesh by carrying out blasts at the Sufi shrine of Deva Shareef on March 27.

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Believed to be an active member of the Khurasan module of the extremist ISIS terrorist group, the suspect Saifullah was also likely the cause of the blast on the Madhya Pradesh Bhopal-Ujjain passenger train on Tuesday.

The operation was launched around 4 PM on Tuesday when reports had suggested that 2 terrorists were hiding in the Thakurganj house. The operation by the UP Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) stretched into 11 hours as they attempted to capture the terror suspects alive.

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Attempts of negotiation were also not successful even after police asked the suspect to speak to his brother. Chilli bombs were also used to draw the suspects out of the house but again were not successful.

Finally when the ATS blew up a wall to enter the home around 3 AM, they discovered the dead body of Saifullah’s and no second suspect.

“In the darkness, we suspected there were two terror suspects. After opening the doors of the house, the force went inside and found the suspect dead along with weapons,” senior Uttar Pradesh police officer Daljit Chaudhary told media last night.