New Pro-ISIS Graphic Reveals Next Target Of ISIS: Taj Mahal
New Pro-ISIS Graphic Reveals Next Target Of ISIS: Taj Mahal

The extremist militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has wrecked considerable havoc around the world with terror attacks in multiple countries apart from their Caliphate, and according to reports, India’s pride, the Taj Mahal in Agra is their new target.

A recent pro-ISIS graphic released a nearly a week after UP ATS neutralised an alleged ISIS operative Saifullah in Lucknow, shows Taj Mahal as the ‘New Target’.

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The graphic shows an ISIS terrorist standing against a backdrop of the Taj Mahal with an inset image of the Taj captioned with ‘New Target’ along with the words Arabic text “Agra istishhadi” (Agra martyrdom-seeker) likely referring to a suicide attack.

The graphic was tracked by the Site Intelligence Group which tracks world-wide terror activities online and was allegedly posted by the Ahwaal Ummat Media Center.

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Since Saifullah was allegedly a self-radicalised ISIS affiliate and had been influenced via online media to carry out the Bhopal attacks, UP Police are yet to confirm any links between the pro-ISIS media group and him.

In response to the threat, security has been increased near the Taj Mahal, a popular site for domestic and international tourists.

As per reports, 75 Indians have joined the ISIS out of which 45 were from India and others were living in other countries. Majority of Indians joining ISIS from India hailed from Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala. Another 37 Indians were arrested over the past one year as they were making their way to ISIS-controlled territories.