India Fights Back: Here Is How It Unfolded Surgical Strikes
India Fights Back: Here Is How It Unfolded Surgical Strikes

On Thursday, India finally opened its war against terrorism by conducting surgical strikes in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, inflicting heavy casualties on terrorists and ‘those protecting them”.

Here is how the whole operation was unfolded:

Operation started after midnight on Wednesday. and ended around 4:30 AM on Thursday.

According to reports, Paratroopers from the Udhampur-based Northern Command executed the strike.

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Commandos were airdropped at the LoC, from where they crossed over to the Pakistani side.

Reports claim that Indian commandos entered three kilometres across the Line of Control to conduct the strikes. The location is reported to be 500 meters-2 Km across LoC.

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7 terror launch pads were destroyed during the surgical strike

38 terrorists and 2 Pakistani soldiers were killed. No Indian casualties.

At around 11 AM Indian DGMO Lt Gen Ranbir Singh announced that Pakistan had been informed about the strikes and that India has no intention of continuing the operations but is ready for any reaction from the Pak side.