LTRThe Supreme Court on Wednesday allowed Marine Massimiliano Latorre’s to stay in Italy like his associate Salvatore Girone until the international tribunal decides India’s jurisdiction.

Latorre and Girone are facing trial in India for allegedly killing two fishermen off the coast of Kerala on February 2012.

Latorre`s grant of stay in Italy is coming to end on September 30, and he had sought an extension on the basis of parity with Girone, who is already in Italy on health grounds.

Latorre had earlier told the apex court that he preferred to remain at home till a final decision is made on which country has the jurisdiction to try him and Girone for the 2012 murder of two Kerala fishermen.

Italy had last week made a fresh plea in the apex court for modification of bail conditions of Latorre to enable him to stay in Italy till an international tribunal decides which country has the right to try the case.

The court had then posted the matter for hearing on September 28.

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