rahul-gandhiIn a desperate attempt to revive the party, the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is ready with a plan and 10-member team aimed at re-energising his party.

According to reports by NDTV, Rahul envisages a body of 10 senior members, including former union ministers P Chidambaram and Ghulam Nabi Azad, who will decide the party’s policy on key issues like welfare reforms and tribal rights.

The new team will be announced after the Rajya Sabha elections for 54 seats are held on Saturday.

Since 2014, when the Congress earned its worst-ever national result with a compact 44 seats, the party has been unable to reverse a trend of huge defeats in one state after another.

This move came after a large section of Congress leaders are of the opinion that Rahul Gandhi must now be elevated to the President’s post to infuse a new lease of life in the party

A formal announcement regarding the newly-created 10-member bloc will be made after the Rajya Sabha elections for 54 seats slated to be held on Saturday.

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