Rahul Gandhi Addresses Party Workers In Bhiwandi
Rahul Gandhi Addresses Party Workers In Bhiwandi

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi was granted bail by Bhiwandi court on Wednesday in RSS defamation case on a personal surety.

Rahul Gandhi addresses party workers in Bhiwandi, here are the highlights:

There is no investigation or action taken against Modi ji’s industrialists friends: Rahul Gandhi on

We will raise this issue in parliament; you will see that money he acquires from you,will be used to fill pockets of industrialists: RGandhi

Modi ji will give all your money to those 15 industrialists, he runs the government for them only. I won’t give names but you know: Rahul Gandhi

Modi ji took the decision of #demonetisation; you are now standing in the queue; have you seen any rich people standing there?: Rahul Gandhi

“Ek taraf azaadi ki vichardhara; dusre taraf gulami ki; jinse main ladh raha hoon woh Hindustan ke har vyakti ko jhukana chahte hain” said RGandhi

I am very happy today that I can fight and stand in front of them: Rahul Gandhi

Maharashtra: Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi to address the party workers in Bhiwandi