Parliament Day 7: Modi Likely To Attend
Parliament Day 7: Modi Likely To Attend

The Winter Session of Parliament which began on November 16, has so far witnessed a string of adjournment motions as protests continue from a united Opposition over demonetisation. Despite demands from Opposition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not attended Parliament since the Winter Session began.

According to sources, PM Modi is likely to be present in Rajya Sabha on Thursday to address the demonetisation issue and find a truce with the Opposition so that the functioning of Parliament can continue. Previously, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was responding to the demonetisation debate on behalf of government, but Opposition demanded presence of PM Modi.

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Before the Winter Session of Parliament ends, various important bills are required to be discussed, including bills related to the Goods and Services Tax. Due to these bills only the winter session was convened earlier than expected date of November 24, but the daily disruption of Parliament is delaying the agenda of the Parliament.

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Lok Sabha has arrived at an impasse as Opposition demands for a debate on the demonetisation issue under rule 56 which includes voting and government refuses to a discussion that would end in voting.