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zomatoIn a strict move, the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) on Thursday blacklisted atleast 30 companies, including startups, for one year with immediate effect from participating in the recruitment process.

The unanimous decision was taken at the 21 All IITs Placement Committee (AIPC) meeting held at IIT Kanpur on August 14.

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According to the reports, the companies have been blacklisted for a variety of reasons including cancellation of offer letter, delaying the joining dates, going back on salary packages etc.

The blacklisted firms include healthcare startup Portea Medical, delivery-service Grofers, LeGarde Burnett Group, PepperTap, Cashcare Technologies, Mera Hunar, among others. The ban on Zomato, which was placed last year, will continue.

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Interestingly, the institute has not blacklisted Flipkart, that faced much criticism for deferring the joining dates of IIM candidates. The portal, however, is only issued a warning letter.

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