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Image: Academia.eu

More than a decade after the International Labour Organisation first observed  the World Day Against Child Labour on June 12 to highlight the plight of working children and create awareness about the issue, condition of children in India remains distressing.

India has nearly 33 million children working as child labourers, out of which nearly 20.7 percent work under hazardous conditions.

According to statistics, while out of every 100 children, only 32 children finish their school education, 1 in 4 children of school-going age is out of a school.

While India was able to eliminate polio through successful implementation of government’s Polio immunisation program, health indicators of children in India remain among the worst in the world. Only half of the infants born in India are fully immunised, nearly 8.5 lakh children are estimated to die before their first birthday.

On this World Day Against Child Labour, here are five harsh facts about child labour
in India:

1. According to ILO, 168 million children are engaged in child labour as of 2013. Of these    85 million are engaged in hazardous work.

2. India has 33 million working children between the ages of 5-18 years. According to census of 2011, more than half of the child population is engaged in labour.

3. Every 8 minutes, a child goes missing in India.

4. While crimes against children have increased 5 times over past 10 years, fear of
failure in examination remains the second highest cause of suicides in children.

5. 1 in every 3 child brides in the world is a girl in India.

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