Around three months ago, the media was shaken by a video posted by a BSF Soldier. Now it is baffled again on the sudden dismissal of Tej Bahadur.

He posted a video wherein he told the stark truth about the deteriorating mess conditions, he revealed in the video that the food served to them is of very low quality.

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His video raised a very important question that the Army that works on the border in harsh conditions, gets such kind of food. The mess was in a sorry state and food, as he stated, was just bland and not edible.

But all did not go well for him today charges were levelled against him that he threw false accusations at the Indian Army and was dismissed from 20 years of service to the Nation.

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Soon after BSF Jawan’s dismissal, Tej Bahadur Yadav’s distraught wife Sharmila took to social media to post a video, asking what his was his fault? why a loyal soldier had to pay a price for showing the reality to the generic mass?

Her most important question that rings deep in our minds is that- after such unjust treatment will any mother feel safe in sending her son to be a soldier for the Indian Forces?

Watch the video below: