Still from the video
Still from the video

Many people plan out their holidays to go for a wild life safari and spend some handsome amount of money to spot big cats and often fail to see them. But if we tell you that some motorists at a highway in Gujarat were fortunate to see Asiatic lions ‘live’ without even going on a wild life safari, will you believe us? No? then read further…

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In an incident, wild Asiatic lions came out on a highway in Gujarat and halted the traffic for about 15 minutes. A group of people waited for them to move to other side of highway, but, the animals were unable to do so due to the moving traffic on other side of highway.

One of the brave men out of that group shot a video on his phone, in which the giant cats can be seen strolling on the road.

The video has been posted by ANI on their official twitter handle and it has 2000 retweets.

What the video here: