4Affected by the worst drought in 100 years, people of  Marathwada region have already stopped taking bath for a couple of weeks, and have also given up religious rituals which involve use of water.

The situation in district Aurangabad’s Thar village is turning quite grim as the mercury continues to soar relentlessly. Residents of the village wait endlessly for a water tanker which comes once in three days with insufficient water which barely meets the requirements of the villagers.3

All the ponds, wells and other source of water have dried up and the land is completely parched as for the past four years the village did not witness any rain.

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Every day, villagers hopelessly look towards the sky but all their hopes have been dashed and now their lives have been reduced towards the endless wait for the tankers. However, it was not the situation a few years back as one could see all the ponds and wells filled with water but no more now. Everything looks scary in the village now.7If the water tank somehow manages to reach the village, the 12,000 litres of water it carries gets emptied within minutes and still one can see empty buckets and utensil as the water is significantly insufficient to meet the demand. One can also witness severe fight for the water.2On an average, each house in the village manages to get barely 200 litres of water for three days. In each house, there are approximately 7-8 family members including animals. Things have taken a harsh turn in the village and villagers are fighting for basic survival now.

This year, the rising temperature has already claimed nearly 150 lives. And, summer has just begun. Things may take an ugly turn in the village if the state and Central government do not take required steps to address the water woes.