Upset Elephant running on the street of Varanasi.
Upset Elephant caused destruction in Nayi Sadak area of  Varanasi.

Elephants known to be very calm animals, but how adorable and calm they are usually, they are equally disastrous when they are upset.

A similar example has been witnessed by the mob at Nayi Sadak area of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, where an upset elephant disastrously destroyed everything came in between in the area.

The Elephant disturbed due to the traffic jam in the area. The The mahout, who was, at the time on the elephant’s back, was also thrown down by the mammal. Miraculously, he landed straight on the road and ran away.

The act of rampage was captured in a camera went viral in Puthiyapalam, Kozhikode, Kerala, recently. In the video elephant can be seen destructing everything in its way, crushing autorikshaw and also storming inside the shops.