Twitterati Goes Crazy After Kerala Cop's 14-Sec Staring Remark
Twitterati Goes Crazy After Kerala Cop’s 14-Sec Staring Remark

Twitterati went crazy on Tuesday, after A top Kerala official’s comments that staring “annoyingly” at a woman for 14 seconds can land a man in jail as per certain sections of law.

The statement has gone viral on social media with a state minister terming them “irritating”, here is how people reacted to it:

“There are sections in law to jail a man for annoyingly staring at a woman for 14 seconds. Please use it (the provisions in the law), if it is the case,” State Excise Commissioner Rishiraj Singh said.

He made the comments at an event organised by a charitable trust in Kochi two days ago.

Urging women to fight the hooligans disturbing them, Mr Singh had also asked them to carry knives and chili spray in their bags to protect themselves from such elements.

“Are you carrying a knife in your bag? Are you carrying chilly spray? Time is over for taking such precautions” he had said.

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