air india pneThe prime minister of India will soon get a brand new Air India One aircraft, which is similar to US President Barack Obama’s Air Force One.

The Indian prime minister currently is travelling on an ageing Boeing 747, however, Air India One’s aircraft will be an upgraded to a state-of-the art Boeing 777-300.

According to a report by India Today Group, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar may finalise the deal of two new Boeing 777-300s in the upcoming Defence Acquisition Council meeting.

This aircraft will be well-equipped with hi-tech security equipment along with latest communication facilities. This aircraft will have the facilities to withstand grenade and rocket attack, and dodge and jam enemy radar. Also, installed will be anti-missile defence systems, can store food for 2,000 people, broadband, radio and telecom connections, tools for official work and will have 19 TV sets.

Apart from all the above mentioned, there will doctors available for 24×7 and the aircraft will have operating theatre for emergency surgery, reports India Today.