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The terrorist attack at the armed force base in Uri, Kashmir on Sunday morning claimed lives of 17 Indian jawans, leaving every Indian furious and smoldering.

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In a video that has turned into a web sensation after the assaults, a trooper is seen presenting a ballad cautioning Pakistan.

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“We are lions and children of lions and lions don’t fear anybody. Go and tell the Pakistanis that we are not affraid of bomb attacks, but rather we fear assentions of the Tashkent and Shimla norms. You make molecule bombs and boast however you overlook what happened in the ’65, ’71 and ’99 wars. You overlook that a solitary warrior Abdul Hamid caught Patton Tanks and your American planes were torched by India’s troopers. Keep in mind how PNS Ghazi was sunk, recollect how Dhaka was vanquished, recall those 90,000 Pakistani detainees of war, recollect the Shimla assention and the favors of Indira Gandhi.”

Here is the video