veena and vaani13 years old conjoined twins of Hyderabad, Veena and Vani can’t be separated, suggest reports.

Born in Warangal in 2003, Veena and Vani have been staying in Niloufer Hospital for last 10-years.

AIIMS doctors visited Niloufer Hospital here in last December to personally examine them and ordered various diagnostic tests to find out whether the twins can be separated without any risk of mortality and morbidity.

After examining these records, AIIMS doctors presented the report to Niloufer authorities this week.

According to AIIMS report, the surgery for separation would involve high risk.

The risk factors include them becoming coma-tose, becoming crippled for life and dying on the operation table as the intricate neurological veins are intertwined between the two, they added.

Veena and Vani are fused at the skulls but have separate brains.

The Deccan Chronicle reports Doctors at the Great Ormond Street Hospital in the UK were confident despite the odds. Neurosurgeons Dr David Dunaway and Dr Owase Jeelani had said that there was an 80 per cent chance of separating them. This stand had the doctors in the hospital elated, but they are now in a somber mood following the AIIMS observation.