Talgo Train,Mumbai Talgo Train,Talgo first ride
Talgo Train,Mumbai Talgo Train,Talgo first ride

Incessant rains delayed arrival of the high speed Talgo train in Mumbai this morning b an hour.

On its final trial route, the Spanish-made Talgo started its journey from Delhi to Mumbai on Monday evening, aiming at a maximum speed of 130 km per hour.

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However, due to rains, it took almost 15 hours to reach the financial capital of India.

The Railways ministry¬†“Talgo train Trail run Delhi-Mumbai was great success,it recorded 50Minutes gain from the sheduled run upto Ratlam (sic).”

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Talgo aims to cut the travel time between Delhi and Mumbai to 12 hours.

The trial runs will continue between Mumbai and Delhi over the next 15 days to test the tracks for cruising speeds of 130 to 150 km per hour.

The second trial will be held on Friday, the third on August 9 and the final on August 14. The route will be tested for higher speeds every time.

“Then the fourth trial will be at 150 kmph with higher speed on the curves. We expect that it is likely to take 11 hours 30 minutes at 150 kmph to reach Mumbai,” railway official Hemant Kumar told news agency PTI.