Sahara Chief Subrata Roy Ordered Back Jail By SC
Sahara Chief Subrata Roy Ordered Back Jail By SC

Hours after it passing an order for sending him back to jail, the Supreme Court on Friday agreed to consider Sahara chief Subrata Roy’s ‘mercy plea’, asking the court not to punish him.

Esteemed lawyer Kapil Sibal rushed to the court despite being unwell after the apex court cancelled Roy’s parole. Sibal tendered an unconditional apology and said that such incidents will never be repeated.

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Earlier in the day, the Supreme Court had refused to extend Roy’s parole any further. A bench headed by Chief Justice T.S. Thakur cancelled the “interim arrangements” of granting him parole after market regulator SEBI’s counsel Pratap Venugopal told the bench that all the properties given by Sahara to the market regulator were already under attachment by Income Tax authorities.

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Apparently annoyed over this, the Chief Justice immediately ordered the cancellation of parole and directed Roy and the two other directors to be taken into custody and they will remain so till october 3 when the matter will again be taken up for hearing.

On August 26, Roy had offered to pay an additional Rs 300 crore to Sebi but said that this amount should be adjusted as bank guarantee that he required to furnish for a regular bail.

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