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In a shocking incident, a man allegedly killed his 24-year-old wife for dowry by pushing her into a canal while clicking selfie in Sardhana area in Meerut on Friday.

Ayesha was yesterday pushed into Ganga canal by her husband Aftab (30) for dowry, a police spokesperson said.

In a bid to mislead police, Aftab, after the act, reached Sardhana police station with his eight-month-old son and complained that five miscreants tried to rob them and pushed
Ayesha into the canal when she resisted, he said.

Police then recovered the body from the canal and initiated investigation. On finding loop holes in the version given by Aftab, police took him into custody and interrogated sternly.

Aftab confessed to the crime and said he pushed his wife into the canal while clicking selfie.

The couple had married one-and-a-half-years ago.

A case of dowry killing has been registered against Aftab and his elder brother Shehzad.

Aftab has been arrested, the spokesperson said.

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