scopreneIf the secret data was indeed leaked from France, this is bound to strain India’s defence relationship with France.

India is expected to sign a deal for 36 Rafale Fighter Aircraft with France shortly, and that could be under a cloud following this revelation.

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The leaked documents marked “restricted Scorpene India”, which have been put up by the Australian newspaper on its website, has the secret stealth capabilities of the six submarines, including the frequencies they gather intelligence at, the levels of noise they make at various speeds and their diving depths, range and endurance.

This is highly classified information which allows the submarine to perform its designated role without being detected by the enemy.

According to “The Australian”, the data includes 4457 pages on the submarine’s underwater sensors, 4209 pages on its above-water sensors, 4301 pages on its combat management system, 493 pages on its torpedo launch system and specifications, 6841 pages on the submarine’s communications system and 2138 pages on its navigation systems.

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