sudhir chaudharyThe Supreme Court on Wednesday came down heavily on Zee News Editors Sudhir Chaudhary and Samir Ahluwalia in a case related to extortion of Rs 100 crore from industrialist Naveen Jindal.

Chaudhary and Ahluwalia approached the court in order to get the consent cancelled, which they signed at the time of taking bail in the case.

However, the apex court asked Chaudhary and Ahluwalia, either to follow the consent or face jail.

Court has asked both the accused to submit their replies within two days.

Chaudhary and Ahluwalia were arrested in 2012 after a complaint by Jindal’s firm that they had demanded Rs 100 crore in lieu of not airing negative news against the firm. Chaudhary and Ahluwalia were released on bail later.