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Remebering Bauji: A Tribute To 'The Machine Man' O P Jindal On His Birth Anniversary
He was the man who taught people to dream and inspired them to achieve those dreams.
Shri Om Prakash Jindal, fondly remembered as Bauji, used to work on the similar lines. He was the man who taught people to dream and inspired them to achieve those dreams. He taught people to work hard and to be determined to achieve their dreams. 

Shri OP Jindal was born on August 7, 1930 to a farmer Late Netram Jindal of village Nalwa of district Hisar in Haryana. He began his life as a village boy and went on to build a multi-billion dollar industrial empire.
ALSO READ: Tribute To O P Jindal, Fondly Remembered As Bauji, On His Birth Anniversary [In Pics]In 1947 though Jindal was happy seeing the independent India, he always wanted to see the country developing economically. And so he wanted to bring business revolution in India.

He neither had any experience nor money to bring the business revolution in India, still he was determined to move forward. 

Since childhood, the young Jindal, was interested in technical work and in 1952, at the age of 22, he started his industrial career with a small bucket-manufacturing unit in Hisar. In 1964, he commissioned a Pipe Unit Jindal India Limited, followed by a large factory in 1969 under the name Jindal Strips Limited.

Apart from creating thousands of jobs in backward areas, building schools and hospitals, he was deeply admired for his philanthropy.

People who know Bauji knew that the Jindal’s success lies in his honesty. His business motive was to take the nation to the next level. He always worked on a philosophy that without the upliftment of weaker and backward sections of society, India’s dream of being a leading nation of the world shall remain unfulfilled.1398834492_1 

In 1991, when Indian government mortgaged national gold reserves as a pledge to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in exchange for a loan to cover balance of payment debts, Shri OP Jindal devoted himself in making machines which were important for the country.

Bauji decided to install Jindal Heavy Machinery Division in Raipur in 1992, however this was quite a difficult decision as he didn’t had any experience in the sector. But Bauji didn’t stop and succeededtoo. His love for machines helped him to invent new devices over the years.
The most unique thing about him was his vision and his belief that the biggest engineer is a person who make his/her dream come true. 

Bauji always had the conviction that India should be self-reliant in each sector of industry. He visited several foreign countries to elicit latest industrial technical development and know-how. He acquired a great deal of knowledge, which he aptly applied to enhance production of his industrial establishments.