narayansamyApparently unhappy over the election of V Narayanasamy as the new Chief Minister of the
Union territory today, supporters of a faction in the Congress protested against the decision and went on a rampage damaging buses here.

Windscreens of at least eight buses operating between Puducherry and Chennai were broken after the protesters, believed to be supporters of PCC president A Namassivayam pelted the vehicles with stones.

Driver of a bus sustained injuries in the stone pelting. Some of the passengers in a bus also suffered injuries when glass splinters hit them, they said.

The protesters also shouted slogans against Narayanasamy outside the hotel where the Congress Legislature Party meeting was held.

They contended a person who had not contested the elections should not be made the Chief Minister.

When Namassivayam came out of the hotel, they surrounded him and posed several queries regarding the decision.

Namassivayam was seen placating some of the protesters.

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