Image: ANI/Twitter

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday released India’s first National Disaster Management Plan (NDMP), which aims to make the country disaster resilient and reduce loss of life.

The plan is based on the four priority themes of the ‘Sendai Framework': understanding disaster risk, improving disaster risk governance, investing in disaster risk reduction, disaster preparedness, early warning and building back better in the aftermath of a disaster, and covers all the phases of a disaster management such as prevention, mitigation, response and recovery.

The plans spells out the roles and responsibilities of all levels of government including the village Panchayats.

It also identifies major activities such as early warning, information dissemination, medical care, fuel, transportation, search and rescue, evacuation, etc to serve as a checklist for agencies responding to a disaster.

Minister of Home Affairs Rajnath Singh, Minster of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju and senior officers of the Prime Minister’s Office and National Disaster Management Authority were also present during the function.

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