PIL Challenging Constitutional Validity Of Indus Waters Treaty Filed In SC
A Delhi based lawyer on Monday filed a PIL in Supreme Court challenging the constitutional validity of the Indus Waters Treaty.

The Supreme Court on Monday was urged to hear a plea challenging the constitutional and legal validity of the Indus Waters Treaty between India and Pakistan.

As the petitioner, advocate M.L.Sharma, urged the court to hear the petition on an early date in the course of the mentioning, a bench of Chief Justice T.S Thakur and Justice A.M Khanwilkar said it would come up in the normal course.

When the petitioner advocate pressed for an early hearing, the court asked him where he was all these years.

The petitioner has challenged the constitutional validity of the sharing treaty on the ground that it was signed by then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and the Pakistani President, and Field Marshall Ayub Khan.

He has contended that the treaty should have been signed by the President of India.

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