salma ansariThe better half of Vice President Hamid Ansari ‘Salma Ansari’on Sunday raised voice against people who are raising objections over chanting ‘OM’.

Speaking with the media on the sidelines of a charity event in Aligarh, Salma Said “Nothing wrong in saying ‘OM’, don’t you say ‘Allah’ or God or ‘Rab’? What is the difference? All must do Yoga.”

“Opposition to Yoga totally wrong,” she added.

‘OM’ has a sound of ‘O’ vowel and several researches have proved that the emission of vowels during exhales causes a vibratory auto-massage of the internal organs.

These vibrations reach the deepest tissues and nervous cells, intensifying blood circulation in the target tissues and internal organs. This vibration of the vocal chords similarly influences both the sympathetic and vagus nerve. The musculature of the breathing apparatus is both relaxed and strengthened, expanding the thoracic cavity and thus the pulmonary capacity, an enlarged breathe which translates in an increase of oxygen supply to the whole body.