Taking a toll on the lives of rural Marathwada people for long, droughts are now forcing them to vacate their houses and relocate to some urban areas in search of food and water.


A village ‘Dabrol’ is one of the victims of this scenario. With Mosambi as its main crop, earlier this village had a rich and wealthy lifestyle, but now this sounds like a fairytale to the residents here.


Even in the name of residents, the village is now left with just a few old age people, as scarcity of water has made youth abandon the place.

Villagers told that they have not yet received any relief from the government and their life is becoming miserable with every passing day.


These closed doors and vacant houses narrate the story of the miseries of the villagers here.

They claim that due to water scarcity, it is difficult to water their crops which result in its damage.


However, during interaction with few residents, we caught that glimpse of hope in their eyes, they still expect the return of old times.

Head of the village told that the people are living a miserable life here and the delay in relief can force the remaining population to relocate to urban areas, turning this village into a ghost village.