With successive years of poor rainfall ravaging crops, killing livestock, drying up reservoirs, living in Marathwada has now become a curse.

‘There’s no water, so there are no jobs in the fields, no food to feed their families.


The situation has forced the qualified youth of Marathwada to swallow their pride and opt for odd jobs to survive.

Few have migrated to the city in search of jobs and many have been lured to work for little money in harsh conditions in one of the hundreds of brick kilns in the state.


The crisis is by far the worst the region has seen in many years, bringing people on to their knees and forcing them to compromise with their dreams and ambition just for the sake of survival.

The residents of Marathwada never expected this day in the life of their kids.


They wanted them to serve as gazetted officers, but the situation of helplessness has turned their world upside down.

Their children are working as labourers, they are selling their cattle for little money to support their family, but the hope still exist!


They haven’t given up , they are making every possible effort to survive, hoping ‘achche din kabhi to aayenge,’ but have been repeatedly asking government “Acche din kab aayenge?”