At a time when the government is extending its support to the drought-hit regions of Maharashtra, which is facing its worst drought in almost half a century, Lenapur village is not getting any respite from its existing condition.


Located on the banks of Waghur river near Ajanta Caves, Lenapur village is facing acute water shortage due to the existential drought in one most prosperous states of the country.

The condition in the village has been further exacerbated due to drying up of Waghur river eight months ago, which shares most of the village’s water burden.


Children are falling ill as there is no mode of getting potable water.

Ban on the constructional activities in the area, as it falls near the World Heritage Site, has ensured that no water reservoir can be constructed for storing water.

The villagers now have to fetch water in the sweltering heat from a pool that is 5 Km. away and on the verge of drying up.


Despite filing multiple complaints, the government has failed to provide water to this parched village.

The pool that is now supporting the lives of the poor and destitute people of Lenapur has water remaining just for 10 – 15 days.


With no rains and no help from the government, Lenapur now stands at a crucial point, where it has no one to look up to.