The drought-struck Marathwada has many grief-stricken stories to share, one such story belongs to Hira Nagar village of Nanded district.

The scarcity of water since 2014, hasn’t let this village experience any moment of happiness or celebrations, no marriage has taken place in the village for three years, celebrations are banned here and it says ‘No Entry’ to guests.


The deficient rainfall in the region first claimed Hira Nagar’s residents’ ‘dal crops’ and then their happiness and smiles.

Now, they are left with just thirst!


During an interaction, few of them revealed that the scenario was not the same before 2014.

Once upon a time, Hira Nagar was a happy and prosperous village with ‘dal crop’ as its main source of revenue.


During the early phase of drought, they even switched to ‘cattle selling’, but now, the deficiency of rain has taken a toll over that source too, they are left with no water, no food to feed the cattle, resulting in the extinction of the same from the village.

According to a report, there is only 2% of water left in dams in drought-struck Marathwada, with a month and a half to go before the monsoon sets in.


However, the state government says there is enough water to last the region till monsoon.

“We are hopeful the monsoon will come earlier,” said state water resources minister Girish Mahajan on Monday.

This is the fourth year of drought in Marathwada, but you will be surprised to know that residents of the region have not yet lost hope of a better tomorrow and expect this monsoon to be a fortunate one.