Now It's Economical To Fly Than To Take A Train
Now It’s Economical To Fly Than To Take A Train

It may now be cheaper to fly than to travel in trains, thanks to Indian railways’ surge pricing model.

According to TOI, Air India, which has been selling unsold seats on its metro flights at Rajdhani II fares four hours before departure time for three months now, has decided not to follow the surge pricing model. As a result, the airline says Air India’s last-minute metro fares could now be lower than what passengers would have to pay on Rajdhani II as seats fill up.

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As per the surge pricing model, the base fare will go up by 10% for every 10% seats sold, with a cap of 1.5 times the base fare.

Thus, the new Rajdhani AC II fares to Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru can be as high as Rs 4,054; Rs 4,090 and Rs 5,626 respectively.

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However, the airline will charge Rs 2,870, Rs 2,990 and Rs 4,090 for last-minute seats on flights from Delhi to Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru respectively.

While AI fares are subject to availability, almost all Indian carriers are offering hefty discounts due to the entry of new players and all airlines, old and new, are ordering and inducting aircraft by the dozen.