ramdev-laluYoga guru Baba Ramdev has attacked RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav on various occasions, however on Wednesday the former Bihar chief minister turned into an ardent fan.

Lalu Yadav met Baba Ramdev in the national capital this morning and said, “People are jealous of Baba Ramdev because he is highly successful.”

Lalu also praised the Baba and saying, “His products are in demand and he is doing good for the country.”

The Bihar leader attended a a joint press conference with yoga guru, where he said that whatever Ramdev earns, yoga guru spends it on charity.

He further added, “he has earned everything through sheer hard work.”

On promoting Baba Ramdev’s products, Lalu said, “I am a permanent brand ambassador of his products.”

Ramdev also gifted several products of his Patanjali Ayurved to the RJD chief.