NDTV Challenges One-Day-Ban In Supreme Court
NDTV Challenges One-Day-Ban In Supreme Court

NDTV has taken to the Supreme Court the government’s order for a one-day band of its Hindi channel on Monday.

Accused of broadcasting sensitive details about the January Pathankot Air Force Base attack, NDTV India has been ordered to remain off-air on Wednesday.Refuting the allegations, NDTV said that other channels and newspapers reported the same information.

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Journalists, editors and press councils have condemned the ban, comparing it to the Emergency of 1970s when basic rights including freedom of press were violated.

According to the Editors’ Guild of India, a group of editors from all major newspapers and magazines of India, the order is unprecedented and centre appears to have assumed the power “to intervene in the functioning of the media and take arbitrary punitive action as and when it does not agree with the coverage.”

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In defence of the ban, Information and Broadcasting Minister Venkaiah Naidu said that the ban is “in the interest of the country’s security” claiming that the protests against the ban are “politically inspired.”