Close-up of a passport

Mother’s name is sufficient in certain cases for a child to apply for a passport, the Delhi High Court ruled.

The court passed this judgment while hearing a writ petition filed by Shalu Nigam seeking reissuance of her daughter’s passport without insisting upon her father’s name being mentioned in the application.

In her plea, the woman sought a reissue of her daughter’s passport without her father’s name being mentioned in the application. She informed the HC that being a divorcee, she had raised the child as a single parent since her birth after the biological father completely abdicated his responsibilities towards the child.

The court, finding merit in the petitioner’s plea, directed Delhi’s Regional Passport Office (RPO) to deal with such issues on a case-wise basis and not make the absence of the father’s name the ground for rejection of applications.

The Court also took judicial notice of the fact that families of single parents are on the increase due to various reasons like unwed mothers, sex workers, surrogate mothers, rape survivors, children abandoned by father and also children born through IVF technology.

(With Agency Inputs)

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