LIVE: Zakir Naik Addresses Media Via Skype From Medina, Says His Videos Were Doctored
Controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik is addressing the media through video calling service Skype on Friday from Medina.

Controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik is addressing the media through video calling service Skype on Friday from Medina.

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  • I am a messenger of peace. I do not criticise any sect of Islam, I may disagree on interpretations: Zakir Naik on fatwas against him
  • Knowingly I have never met any terrorist, but if some ppl stand next to me take photographs, I smile. I don’t know who they are, says Zakir Naik
  • I have addressed IPS officials in the past. Ready to co-operate with agencies, never encouraged anyone to kill innocents, says Naik
  • No official govt authority has approached us with any questions. So far I have had no problem with Indian govt, police, says Zakir Naik
  • Ban can only be if country has given downlinking permission. When India hasn’t given then what ban?, says Zakir Naik
  • Chapter 5,verse 32 Quran says “killing innocents is crime.” No scripture other than Quran says 1 innocent killed is killing humanity, says Naik
  • Why are you relying on a doctored clip, or an answer which is out of context? I challenge you to show my any unedited clip, says Naik
  • I challenge you to show me any unedited answer of mine where I have not condemned suicide bombing of the kind that is happening, says Zakir Naik
  • Media for ulterior media change meaning. My answers are altered & misguide people. Those who do that should be held responsible, says Zakir Naik
  • Suicide bombing was used as tactic of war during second world war, says Naik
  • Suicide bombing is second major sin in Islam, has to be 100% prohibited as it involves killing of innocents, says Naik
  • My statements taken out of context, videos doctored, says Zakir Naik
  • Zakir Naik’s says he condemns all terror attacks anywhere in world,will speak for hours if needed
  • Says he has replies to all allegations made on TV, are on pen drives for reporters
  • Zakir Naik begins Skype press conference with an Islamic prayer. Audio glitches follow.

Naik’s press meets has been postponed three times earlier.

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The 50-year-old Mumbai-based televangelist, who is currently abroad, was slated to interact with the media on Thursday but cancelled his press briefing, citing pressure from management of the venue where it was organised.

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There were media reports that Naik’s “provocative” speeches had inspired some of the Dhaka attackers.

The sermons of Naik are under the scanner of the state and the Central agencies in India. The radical preacher, a medical doctor by professional training, has denied promoting terrorism in anyway.

His sermons are telecast on Peace TV, run by his Islamic Research Foundation, and he also organises public lectures. His speeches on Peace TV were said to be popular in Bangladesh, where the network has been banned post the terror attack.