A school dropout comes up with a movable house
A school dropout comes up with a movable house

“Talent doesn’t really need a certification,” proved a class V dropout ‘M. Sahul Hameed’ with his latest innovation ‘Moving Type House’.

65-year old Hameed has constructed this house using ‘raft foundation’ technology.

Six years ago, when he laid the 1000 and odd sq ft concrete slab with 90 cm thickness and raised pillars on it for the home’s main living, villagers pitied him for wasting the resources.

But he didn’t lose his confidence and now the 1,080 sq ft ground plus first floor house at Melapuduvakkudi stood testimony to his steadfastness.

Hamid doesn’t hold any degree or diploma in Civil Enginnering, but he has been a wonderful learner.

He worked in a construction company in Saudi Arabia for more than two decades and learned making of pre-fabricated structures and various foundation technologies for building houses.

When he returned home a few years ago, he wanted to build a house, using ‘solid footing’ (raft foundation) technology, and finally he achieved what he wanted.