Kerala Celebrates OnamPrime Minister Narendra Modi greeted the nation on the occasion of Onam, the festival which marks the beginning of the harvest season.

Earlier, Kerala governor Justice (Retd) P Sathasviam and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan greeted Keralaties on the occasion of Onam.

“Let our celebration of Onam be a message of equality, true love and oneness that Kerala conveys to the world. I sincerely wish that this Onam season bestows every home with colourful floral carpets, the melody of Onam songs and the joyful reunion of family members over the sparkling Onakkodi and the delicious Onam sadya”, the Governor said”, in his message.

Vijayan said Onam was an occasion where all people cutting across caste and religion unite together in mind.

“Onam is the celebration of secularism”, Vijayan said, adding, “let the Onam bring peace and prosperity to all.”

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