Chidambaram-Delhi1Former Home minister P Chidambaram on Tuesday asserted that there was nothing ‘morally, politically or ethically wrong’ in the second affidavit, which stated there was no conclusive evidence to prove that she was a terrorist.

While recalling that the affidavit was filed after Ahmedabad Metropolitan Judge S P Tamang’s report, Chindambaram said that,”Now, the second affidavit is not really a second affidavit…it is a supplementary affidavit. Any lawyer would know that a further affidavit is a supplementary affidavit that is vetted by the highest law officer of the country.”

Chidambaram further added that the second affidavit only has five to six paragraphs and it does not withdraw the first affidavit.

“The second para says why the further affidavit is being filed. The further affidavit was filed after Judge Tamang’s report, which indicted the police and said it was a fake encounter and the persons killed were in custody for at least more than two to three days,” he said.

Rubbishing the controversy, he said that, “I wish to clarify that the intelligence inputs are only intelligence inputs and not conclusive evidence and you cannot come to any conclusion on the basis of intelligence inputs.”

“It must be investigated and prosecuted in a court of law. Now please tell me which part of that affidavit is wrong either legally, morally or politically,” he added.

(With PTI Inputs)

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