RIAWestern Railway and Central Railway will run new Antyodya, Uday and Hamsafar trains while speed of some of the trains will be improved and route of some will be extended, officials said.

WR has decided to run some new trains including Antyodya, Uday and Hamsafar trains as well as the speed of some of the trains will be improved and route of some trains will be extended, it said in a press release issued here.

The New West Zone Railway Time Table, containing information of new trains and other details of plans to be executed by the WR and CR, will come into force from October 1, 2016.

“124 WR trains will be speeded up ranging from five minutes to 170 minutes, while 26 WR trains will be renumbered after converting them into superfast train. 26 WR trains (13 pairs) will be given experimental halts or their operational halt will be converted into commercial halts,” the statement said.

Giving the details of the new trains, it said, “Bandra (T)-Gorakhpur Superfast Antyodaya and  Udhna-Jaynagar Antyodaya would be in the category of Antyodaya trains, while Bandra(T)-Jamnagar Superfast Uday would be introduced in Uday trains category.”

Similarly, Bandra(T)- Patna Superfast, Shri Ganganagar-Tiruchchirappalli via Vasai Road, Ahmedabad- Chennai would be introduced in the Hamsafar train category, while Vadodara-Ahmedabad Sankalp Fast Passenger would be introduced in Sankalp trains.

CR in a statement said apart from introducing nine new trains, there has been extension of existing services, increase in frequency, renumbering, diversion of trains, provision of halt, amalgamation of services.

Among the new trains introduced are Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai-Karmali Tejas Express (five days a week), Ahmedabad-Chennai Hamsafar AC Express (weekly), Bandra (T)-Patna Hamsafar AC (weekly), Tirupathy-Jammu Tawi Hamsafar AC Exp (weekly), Tatanagar-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Antyodaya Express (bi-weekly), Pune-Amravati AC Express (weekly).

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