India First Non-NPT Nation To Sign Nuclear Deal With Japan
India First Non-NPT Nation To Sign Nuclear Deal With Japan

India is set to become the first nation to sign a civil nuclear deal with Japan without having signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), allowing Japan to export nuclear power plants to India.

The deal is expected to be finalised when Prime Minister Modi arrives in Tokyo for his three-day visit to Japan next week. According to the terms of the agreement, both sides will stop their civil nuclear cooperation if India conducts a nuclear test media reported.

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“India has demonstrated a firm commitment to non-proliferation principle in practice. It clearly differs from countries like North Korea, Pakistan, and Iran, which have conducted shady dealings on the ‘nuclear black market’ a researcher of the Tokyo Foundation was quoted as saying.

“…if one considers the matter carefully, it becomes clear that civil nuclear cooperation between Japan and India will have virtually no negative impact on the non-proliferation regime,” the report continued.

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“If India continues to control its nuclear technology as carefully as it has for the past half-century, cooperation on the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes should not undermine the NPT regime,” said the researcher.

Experts suggest that China’s growing military presence in the region, especially in the disputed South China Sea, helped Japan change its stand on nuclear cooperation.

So far, 11 countries, have signed civil nuclear cooperation agreements with India, including US, Russia, Britain, France and Australia.