BRAHMOSThe Indian Air Force test-fired the advanced version of unique BrahMos Cruise Missile from Rajasthan’s Pokhran firing range at 1200 hrs on Friday.

The flight conducted today met all its parameters in a copybook manner.

I congratulate the Indian Air force for successfully accomplishing such a complex mission. BrahMos has proved its mettle once again as the best supersonic cruise missile system in the world,” Sudhir Mishra, CEO and MD of BrahMos Aerospace said in a statement on Friday.

BrahMos missile system has empowered all the three forces of the Indian Armed Forces and established supremacy in the field of supersonic cruice missiles.

BrahMos is a two-stage missile system with a solid propellant booster engine as its firts stage which brings it to supersonic speed and then gets separated.

The missile has a flight range of up to 290 Km with supersonic speed all through the flight. It has a cruising altitude of 15 Km and terminal altitude of 10 meters and it can carry a conventional war head of 200 to 300 Kgs.

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