shaktimanThe Uttarakhand Police horse ‘Shaktiman’ who was injured during a BJP Protest succumbed to injuries on Wednesday in Dehradun.

Here is all you need to know about her:

The 14-year-old Kathiawari mare was brutally beaten up with sticks, allegedly by Uttarakhand BJP MLA Ganesh Johri.

The incident was caught on Camera, it then became the headlines of all newspapers and topic of debate on all news channels.

Times of India in its address said that MLA broke the horse’s leg after a “Beastly attack”. This led to a huge outrage.

Three people filed the case against Ganesh Joshi under various sections of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, the list includes, animal rights activist Pooja Bahukhandi, a government driver Vinod Kumar and a police constable.

Joshi alsp faced a flak on social media for showing cruelty to an animal.

The incident also caused a verbal clash between Congress and BJP clash in the Uttarakhand assembly.

An emergency amputation was carried out after it became clear that the horse could die of gangrene from the wound.

According to reports, Shaktiman was the only white horse serving the mounted police in the last seven years.

Shaktiman was first operated upon by a team of doctors from Pantnagar Veterinary College.

She died while undergoing treatment at the police lines in Dehradun.