jeansSchool teachers in Haryana have been told not to wear jeans at work and to be formally

An order in this regard was issued by Director of Elementary Education, Haryana (Panchkula).

“It has been observed that teachers in primary and middle schools come to schools in jeans. They are also found in jeans while visiting office of Directorate for some work
which is inappropriate,” said the order which was send to all District Elementary Education Officers.

“Kindly ensure that no teacher should come to schools/Directorate in jeans and they should be in formal dress,” the order further said.

Haryana Vidyalaya Adhyapak Sangh has strongly condemned the order while describing it as state government’s move to divert attention from its “failures”.

“It is an absolutely wrong order of the government to fix the dress code for teachers. It should be left to teachers what he wants to wear. Teacher’s job is to teach and he can
teach in jeans or in dhoti,” Haryana Vidyalaya Adhyapak Sangh, president Wazir Singh said today adding that the order was issued two days back.

“With such orders, the government wanted to divert attention of teachers from issues concerning education department. The government’s job is to prepare budget, transfers, appointments, etc, which is not being done,” he said.

“We will protest against this diktat and meet senior officials of Education department on June 16 in Panchkula in this regard,” Singh said.

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