Haryana: Gau Seva Ayog Wants A University To Research Cows
Haryana: Gau Seva Ayog Wants A University To Research Cows

After the late questionable Biriyani policing, Haryana’s Gau Seva Ayog is occupied again, and this time they are asking for a Cow University, a spot where “far reaching” investigation into dairy creatures, their milk, pee and manure should be possible.

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Haryana’s Gau Seva Ayog will propose the contemplations to the Manohar Lal Khattar-drove BJP government in Haryana, and solicitation 500 areas of place that is known for territory for the establishment of the varsity. Ayog supervisor Bhani Ram Mangla is ready to meet with CM Khattar and inspect the matter.

Mangla, who had recenlty gone to Kamdhenu University in Gandhinagar, a school for veterinary science and examination, told Times of India:

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“We will look for a town panchayat willing to offer territory for the school.”

Gau Rakshaks claim that establishment of the school will increase milk production in the state and also generate employment.