india internet speed slowest in asiaIn a major good news, smartphone manufacturer Datawind is now offering the cheapest Internet service in the country.

The company has already applied for Virtual Network Operator (VNO) license and will soon provide Internet just for Rs. 100 for a year.

According to reports, the company is planning to invest Rs. 100 crore for developing the unlying infrastructure for the VNO.

“Over 100 crore people in the country are still deprived of Internet services,” Datawind Founder and CEO Suneet Singh Tuli said in a statement.

Tuli added that people in villages cannot spend Rs. 1,200 for Internet every year, that is why the company is planning to launch Internet at an annual subscription fee of Rs. 100.

Datawind is collaborating with Reliance Communications and Telenor to provide the service.

The company is planning to launch the service by Diwali this year.

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